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Malingo Mayhem; Inhabitants Still In Shock

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If you have been in and around Buea, you have probably been witness to the unfortunate series of events which unfolded early this month. However, before the dust could settle, another tragic event has rocked the Buea municipality again. A gruesome motor accident occurred in Malingo junction, a very popular student residential neighborhood in the city.

It was on the 20th of October 2017 at about 7:47pm that a ghastly motor accident stole away the serenity of the Malingo junction. This was caused when a black truck owned by the Cameroonian police suffered a break failure and lost traction, causing a considerable amount of damage in its wake. The truck cleared at least 4 cars along its path, killing one person and injuring about 10 others. The truck’s driver also suffered serious injury.

To those who are familiar with Malingo, it is a fairly busy street and one cannot fail to see vendors close to the road displaying their items and students strolling along the streets  looking for a thing or two to eat. Nevertheless, this event has changed things.

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Presently the death toll is at 1 but 10 people are reported to have been grievously wounded. They were rushed to the hospital following the unfortunate event. However, their fates are yet to be known.
The only recorded death is that of a young girl by name Ewane Nora who was the unsuspecting victim of this gruesome motor accident.

According to reliable sources, she was a final year Law student at the University of Buea and had even written her resit examination on Wednesday, October 18, barely days prior to the accident.
A lot of keen people have remarked that this accident occurs exactly a year away from the Eseka railroad accident which affected so many families.  As the inhabitants of Buea try to recover from horrors of that accident, a question keeps nudging at their minds; “what is life?”





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