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Liza T, Hero to Zero! Sad story!

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Liza T, from Hero to Zero! Sad story! for the onetime very influential Cameroonian artist, a legend in makossa, This her present story!

Do you know liza T? Arguably one of the best Cameroonian retro makossa artists of all times! well if you don’t know or remember that name then,please just watch the video below before continuing, I bet you’ll remember, if not the name, atleast the voice or the song.

This outstanding artist now seems to be livingt her life in retrospect of her old good days, infact she is a true story of how cruel life can be. Remembered for her 2 best selling singles nostalgie and associe and generally for her blistering skills in makossa, the one time beautiful and gorgeous liza T in the late 80s and early 90s is now an equivalent of 90+ years old lady, very weak and streaking with a strong depressive disease and barely surviving out of the generousity of her kind neighbours.

Elise Tchuissa Yankoua (artistic name-Liza T) was born in  1968 in Douala.Today she lives in PK15 a suburb in Douala.This Cameroonian musician who brought happiness to African music lovers in 1990 is today unrecognizable. She suffers from a great depression which is in the process of consuming her entirely! She suffers both in her flesh and spirit. Very lean, exhausted, this former charming singer is no longer able to feed herselve properly.

Unable to afford a decent housing, she returned to live in the family home under the roof of her parents. This lovely lady who was very attracted to men in the 90s is not dreaming more than the shadow of herself now. The flower has wilted and it’s broken!

It is unacceptable that an artist who has contributed to write one of the pages, the most glorious of the Cameroonian music is in this state of total deprivation. Lisa T made advances to the ministry of culture to obtain a financial support in order to treat herself and was allocated a sum of 700,000 CFA francs. But Lisa T has never seen the color of the money, all of which has been embezzled by corrupt officials of the ministry of culture.

Today more than ever Lisa T need us. Her suffering is so immense that she asked God to take her life. For 30 years, the catastrophe of the Cameroonian music is without end. Several Cameroonian artists die in the serious deprivation, terraced by diseases. The dreadful litany of suffering of our artists should alert those who manage the Cameroonian music to put in place the mechanisms of social support to Cameroonian artists in need. Watch the video below to see her present state!

We do not know the artist personally . This is just a cry out alert to the music lovers. Lets honor our artists and make sure it doesn’t happen to others. If you have empathy, and feel you can help please contact Equinox TV with the numbers below to get in touch with her.

+237 690 50 50 94
+237 691 71 41 22




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