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LechTech Group Launches First Cameroonian Owned Business & Job Directory

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LechTech Group, owners of (creative web design agency in Buea Cameroon) have designed a one of a kind digital platform Camer Services, to help company owners, service providers and businesses, showcase their services and get more engagement with revelevant customers. Equipped with a state of the art booking system, it helps Companies get customers to book their services in real time and in one place. Not limited to companies, the platform also serve as a job listing directory for job offerers and job seekers.

Camer Services – Cameroon Business & Job Listing Directory

Camer Services as the platform is known (Cameroon Services in full), is a flexible business/services and Job Listing Directory for Cameroonian Business owners, Companies, Service Providers and individual Job Seekers. Its essentially a guide to help people find suitable service providers,  job offers & job seekers around them. Users can instantly book a service or apply for any relevant job. Service providers and employers (job offerers) get direct noticification about bookings and job applicants respectively, providing a seamless flow between Providers and service bookers and also between employers and job seekers.

Are you a company/business owner or service provider, looking for free marketing?…Just list your company and grow your business.
Or may be you are an employer looking for employees to accomplish a task for you?…Just post a job, and get instant applications from job seekers or directly book the service of a company listed in the directory.

Finally if you are a just a skilled individual may be an electrician or travel agent not affiliated to any company, you can still use this platform to look for job offers.

Photo showing featured listings

The Business Listing Directory help Companies and businesses boost their online presence due to Camer Services’ authoritative Search Engine visibility.

The platform is free, and with a free account you get almost all the main features, like listing your company, post jobs, apply for jobs, book services and customizable booking time. There is also a paid plan with premium features like better search preference, featured listing (company is listed on the front page for a defined period of time), more categories, better gallery and more. All payments are made instantly through mobile money (mtn, orange & express union). Users can upgrade their plan at any time if they want more.

Photo of various pricing plans

Camer Services is the brain child of Ngunyi Yannick, CEO & Founder of LechTech group.This was realised by LechTech ( in partnership with Zongo Group (Buea based digital marketing firm)

Camer Services is a platform for the future and has come to stay. Head to away and add your business, post job, look for jobs offers or book services of listed businesses/Companies.

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