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ENAM Dismisses 5 Students for Exam Malpractice

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Linus Toussaint Mendjana: No-nonsense ENAM director

Linus Toussaint Mendjana: ENAM director

The National School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM, has expelled five students said to have been caught cheating during promotion examinations into second year of the institution.

The students were dismissed following a decision of the disciplinary board of the prominent institution on July 21 after the students were heard by the board. The quintet includes; three Cameroonians, and two foreigners from Chad and the Central African Republic.

A local French language daily, Mutations, reported on Monday, one of the dismissed students from the institution happens to be the son of a popular Ngoundere-based Cameroonian billionaire, Alhadji Abbo, who was reportedly caught with pre-prepared material by invigilators during the exams on July 12. The French language tabloid quoted an anonymous source of the institution as saying that the candidate, Abas Mohamadou Ousmanou, was caught consulting material from his mobile phone whereas the rules and regulations of the exams prohibited candidates from being in possession of a phone or any other electronic gadget inside the examination hall.

Defending himself in front of the disciplinary board, Mutations further reported, the son of the billionaire argued that he had finished answering his questions and only pulled out his telephone from his bag to see time before the invigilators confronted him and concluded that he was struggling to consult material in order to answer the exam questions.

However, the student was said to have pleaded in vain with members of the disciplinary board to forgive his action which he admitted was a breach of the institution’s examination rules and regulations.

As for another Cameroonian student together with his Chadian mate, who were of the taxation division, they were accused of stuffing their pockets with pre-prepared material during the examination session of July 13. The rest of the dismissed students were reportedly found guilty of sneaking in various unauthorised materials into the examination room, in outright contravention of exam rules.




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