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Cameroon government disowns Momo Jean De Dieu over Anti-Semitic verbiage

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The government of Cameroon says one of its ministers accused of using anti-semitic comments was acting on personal grounds and not in the name of the government.

The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice  Momo Jean De Dieu came under fire for comments he made on the jewish community while analysing the current political situation in Cameroon.

Israeli Ambassador to Cameroon Ran Gidor in a strong worded communiqué that expressed outrage at the Minister’s comment on TV and requested for an apology from the government.

However, the government moved forward later in the day to clarify things saying Mr. Momo was acting on his own and not in the name of the government.

“The Government of the Republic of Cameroon wishes to point out that (Momo Jean De Dieu Mom) was speaking on a strictly personally basis” Communications Minister Rene Sadi said in a communiqué.

“The government of Cameroon strongly deplores the irrelevant comments of (Jean De Dieu Momo) and completely dissociates itself…”

The Communication Minister however revealed the Israeli Ambassador was received by the Minister of External Relations “who expressed …sincere regrets of the Government of Cameroon while renewing the committment of Cameroon to always work in maintaining the confident and mutually beneficial relations existing between the two countries.”

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