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British Sebestian Coe and Cameroon’s Kalkaba Malboum elected at IAAF executive

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The former British athletics champion, Sebestian Coe has been elected the new President of the International Association of Athletics Federations, IAAF.

He was elected in Beijing, China during the 50th Congress of the IAAF that which held at a time China is set to host the 15th edition of World Athletics Championship scheduled to start this Saturday 22nd August 2015.Photo for: Athletics: British Sebestian Coe and Cameroon’s Kalkaba Malboum elected at IAAF executiveThe President was elected alongside four vice Presidents. The President of the African Athletics Federation, Cameroonian born Colonel Kalkaba Malboum was elected the third Vice President of the IAAF.

The new President of IAAF was then congratulated by his predecessor and contestant, Senegalese born Lamine Diack, who held the post for 16 years.

The election of Sebestian Coe and Colonel Kalkaba Malboum of Cameroon opens a new page of diplomacy between Cameroon and the Federation, just two months after the new President visited Cameroon. Top in the agenda for the new executives is the strengthening of relations with the over 200 athletic federations worldwide and the granting of over FCFA 100 million every four years to each association for the development of this sporting discipline. The new President and four vice presidents will take office on 31st August 2015, when the World Athletics Championship in China must have ended…..CRTV

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