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Bamenda Airport To Go Operational Soon!

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CAMRA regional airlines (a Canadian company) is planning to run scheduled flights, charter and air cargo to Bamenda and regional airports including, Douala, Yaounde, Bafoussam, Tiko, Ngoudere, Garoua amongst other destinations in Cameroon.
Bamenda Airport To Finally Go Operational Soonest.
Notorious for its agricultural productivity, the grass field regions will promptly serve the nutritional needs of the northern and eastern regions of Cameroon,immediate employment opportunities that come along with the installation of airports in an area would trigger the development of associated businesses like Hotels and restaurants. These further expose the rich cultural values and natural touristic opportunities, hidden from the external environment.

Just imagine: that tourists would tour with much ease; that farmers would export fresh harvests quickly; that the sick would get emergency treatment in national medical centers of Yaounde and Douala in 35 minutes, all at a very reasonable fair of 25,000 FCFA, one way, which is cheaper than driving a car from Yaounde to Bamenda. The choice of a 34 sitter aircraft is great for tourists while the 20 tons cargo aircraft will be good for Agricultural, business , employment, and socio-economic development of territories and all regions of Cameroon as well as neighboring countries.

This project will unleash the economic potential of the region, as no other.  Thus, fulfilling the goals of Cameroon becoming an emerging economy by 2035.

Canada is the world leaders in Aviation and aerospace and is respected worldwide for their good governance. Montreal is the head quarter of ICAO, IATA’, Canada space Agency, Bombardier, Pratt, Whitney and so on.

CAMRA, will be starting with 2 fleets “34 passenger turboprop SAAB B340 and a cargo aircraft to significantly reduce the cost of domestic air transportation in Cameroon more than 15%. CAMRA will be moving passengers and goods via Douala – Yaoundé – Bafoussam for as cheap as 25 000FCFA. And if CAMRA’s plan to serve the population of North West succeeds, it will be saving at least 500 lives a year; deaths caused by road accidents between the Bamenda – Yaounde – Douala – Bafoussam highway.

Apart from the company’s plans of linking places like Malabo, depending on support, charter services will be available for international flights service: Executive jets, Heavy load Cargo, Helicopter and Medivac.

CAMRA will be working hand in hand with local partners and will be a feeder, not only the National airlines Company “Camair-co”, but also other international carriers serving Cameroon, as they will be providing access to all parts of the country for passengers and cargo on international flights; as their present 15 tons fleets are well adapted to landing in regional airports of Cameroon.

The big question is why is it taking so long?

Following alafnet’s investigations, it seems the Ministry of Transport has been stalling the processing of the operating license for over a year now. Hopefully, long administrative delays will not kill the project.Investors can develop cold feet because the Investment promotion agency has refused the grant any incentive to the Canadian company in direct conflict with the MOU that was signed by EX- Minister of transport, Louis-Paul Motaze.

Onlookers wait impatiently now for new transport minister Allen Mebe Ngo’o to look in the matter. It’s vital to emphases that: not only the North West Region should back up this project if Cameroon is serious in its ‘emergence 2035′ program.

In becoming a emerging economy then this “African in miniature”( Cameroon) needs projects like this for the following reasons:

• Creation of an aviation technology park in Yaounde.

• Spending in taxes and direct service to the state.

A solution for regional planning and integration.
Access to 100,000 airline seats in lowcost aircrafts on the territory, filling a critical need.
Reduction of Domestic Air cost around 15%.
Job-creation, both directly and indirectly.
A major support to Camair Co, offering code-share flights to new destinations within Cameroon reachable by the CAMRA Regional Airlines networks.
Support the development of Cameroon to the tourism industry by providing a home network
Expenses in taxes and direct service in Cameroon for about 600 million FCFA in Cameroon’s economy
A solution for regional planning

Some observers have noted that Cameroon should welcome investors who want to invest in their country and not to worry about Camra. Talks of Competition with Camair Co is just ludicrous according to an aviation expert on a one on one with alafnet. CAMRA is a Regional Low-cost operator with small aircraft and has same ideas as domestic aircrafts in Europe. CAMRA is fully funded by the private sector whereas Camair Co is more or less, state-run and has huge access to state funds. The government is subsidizing Camair Co to the tune 2 billions FCFA per month which equal to the initial investment if CAMRA REGIONAL AIRLINE by its parent company. The salary and benefits of the management of Camair Co is almost equal to the total budgeted salaries of Camra employees. Camair-co has 800 hundred employees where as CAMRA will be starting initially with 70 .Camair-co has no plan to serve the regional airports of Cameroon according to our findings.  The Canadians are coming, lets welcome them with open arms.




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