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Anti Biya Demonstration in New York: US Police Arrest Cameroonian Diplomat

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Some Cameroonian protestants attacked President Biya in New York, protesting infront of his hotel and calling him a dictator. This led to clashes between Biya’s militants and the protestants, with US police intervening and making some arrests.

Anti Biya Demo-New York: US Police Arrest Vandalizing Cameroonian Diplomat

  With the arrest of a mercenary of the regime of Paul Biya by New York security forces, the US police has to demonstrate freedom of expression in the United States. September 19 will remain an unforgettable day for the Biya regime.
Cameroonians, led by a caravan of cars marched through New York City with posters denouncing  crimes of the Biya regime to the eyes of all dignitaries at the United Nations and in particular before the Waldorf Astoria Hotel where Mr Paul Biya and his ministers were lodging at the detriment of Cameroon tax payers.

At the end of the event, one of the drivers leading the protest vans was attacked by a Biya diplomatic agent who forgotten that he was thousand of miles away from Yaounde.

The agent vandalized the demonstration Van  and tore down protest placards.

A day afterwards they still tried to re-attack, but one of them was neutralized by a Cameroonian patriot, the karateka Simon Pemel, and New York police intervened and arrested the Biya mercenary.

The individual was carrying a  Cameroonian diplomatic passport. He was taken in for questioning by police in New York and the US authorities.

The Cameroonian protesters  filed a complaint  against the attacks to the police, who are still surveying CCTV’s  of the area to bring the perpetrators to justice.

More demonstrations have been called in-front of the Hotel Waldorf Astoria located at 301 Park Avenue, New York 11002.





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