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Launched in March 2015, CamerInfoline, is a leading online platform/digital magazine for Cameroon news and digital advertisement. It allows  people to discover and share recent happenings related to Cameroon, in the areas of sport, society, politics, entertainment, business, education, infrastructure, health and more, occurring all round the globe .

Our Mission at CamerInfoline

We aim to provide recent and relevant information related to Cameroon in order to provoke patriotism and foster national unity. We also serve as a digital platform for online marketing (we are a  digital bill board). To advertise with us, click here…


About the Authors

Ngunyi Yannick – Founder & CEO

Ngunyi is an MD, Blogger, Digital entrepreneur and Web designer. Founder of LechTech  (a freelance web design agency) and CamerServices (Cameroonian business & job listing platform). He is a team member of the Pan-African telemedicine platform (WellCam), and also serve as media coordinator of LEBIAMEDS, a health oriented NGO, where he helps facilitate health care delivery in rural Cameroon. Follow him on:

Shing Timothy – Writer, Editor-in-Chief

Shing Timothy is a Buea based passionate freelance journalist with over five years of continuous experience. He is a renown writer and content provider currently writing for Municipal Updates, The Advocate Chronicle Times and Le Gideon Newspapers. He is also the editor of the Educational monthly, dubbed; EDUCATIONAL NEWS NEWSPAPER. He is so passionate about journalism that he continues to hon his skills through trainings, seminars and coaching opportunities. Shing holds a Bsc in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea.

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Chunke Anasthasia Writer

Chunke Anasthasia is a down-to-earth young woman with genuine interest in writing. She holds a Bsc in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea. Her passions include; reading, nature, children and as you may have guessed, writing. It is her major concern to steer people towards awareness by making them know what happens around them. She also hopes to own a monkey someday and name it Banzo. Follow her on:

Glenys Regina – Writer

Glenys Regina is a Writer, Content Creator, brand and communications manager at zongo group, a digital marketting platform that builds people’s technological knowledge and helps them use digital technolpgy to transform their lives. She holds a Bsc in sociology/anthropology and an Msc in public administration. Her goal is to maximize hapinness for herself and everyone.

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