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Regime forces shoot peaceful civilians in Bamenda protesting against marginalisation

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Cameroon: Regime forces shoot peaceful civilians in Bamenda protesting against marginalisation

As President Paul Biya offers a a palatable reception in Yaounde today for the Lionesses for their performance at the recently ended 2016 Africa Women Cup of Nations ,his citizens are being killed in Bamenda simply because they are fighting to safeguard an identity.

Masked Soldiers have just entered the town of Bamenda, they drove few minutes ago with some boys in a military truck around up-station towards Santa, brutalizing them ,it is feared no one may survive from the brutal beatings.

Meanwhile in various neighbourhoods in Bamenda,tear gas and water canons are used on striking youths, military helicopter hovering over the town.
Police have used live bullets on the youths wounding many and leaving at least two dead.

Youths are now chanting with the body of the supposedly dead boy around hospital round about saying; “we no go gree”, meaning we will not accept.
The people of Bamenda,mostly youth are opposing the holding of a meeting of CPDM party previewed for Thursday afternoon and to be chaired by Cameroon’s Prime Minister Yang Philemon. According to the youths, the CPDM is trying to call for peace and urge teachers to go back to classrooms when problems raised have not been given due attention.

The same CPDM party Secretary General Jean Kuete threatened the people of Buea against provoking security forces. While delivering his speech Tuesday, he said the social media is giving fake news about the ongoing crisis and that external forces are trying to destabilize the country.

CPDM party uniform was burnt earlier  today in public by some angry youths.
The call by PM Yang for teachers to go back to school in Buea has fallen on deaf ears and schools are still shut down in the whole anglophe zone.
The European Union, United States and Canada have already asked the Biya regime to cease using guns against harmless population.





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