Paul Biya’s Stadium Olembe-Yaounde; Final Design Chosen (in pics)

As Cameroon braces up to host the 2016 female Afcon, sidelined preparation for the bigger tournament in 2019, thats the AFCON, is also on the move. 2 major contracts have been signed, for the 2 main stadiums that will host the competition; the Douala Japoma stadium already under construction by the Turkish firm Yenigun and the Paul Biya’s stadium Olembe-Yaounde,  under construction by the Italian giant, Piccini Construction.  This article is dedicated to the Yaounde stadium. Below is a brief summary of the project

It will have a capacity of 60,000 seats, with commercial spaces, hotels, training grounds, a multipurpose sport complex; open basketball grounds, playgrounds for volleyball, lawn tennis and an Olympic swimming pool. All this, for a total of 163 billion FCFA.

This is how it will look like when completed

[WRG id=2092]





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