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Fearless MP Defies Speaker, Slams Government’s Handling of Anglophone Protests (video)

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Member of parliament for Kumbo, Wirba Joseph, has become an Internet sensation after he castigated the government for its handling of both the student strike in Buea and other strike actions engulfing the country. The outspoken MP was so fiery in his speechmaking, and could not be stopped – even by the Speaker of the house.

In a video on Youtube, he unequivocally supports those clamouring for the separation of Western Cameroon from their French-speaking Eastern counterparts, and believes the events of the past few months have degenerated and will continue to do so with more sympathy for the cause. His continuous efforts to bring the issues to the government has been met with disdain.

He makes it clear to the Yaounde regime that what is happening in the western part of the country is nothing less than occupation perpetrated by French-speaking administrators. A quote he says he borrowed from American liberators – “When injustice become law, resistance becomes a duty” – is making the rounds online.

He is calling on all Southern Cameroonians to resist “the oppressor”. He reminds the regime that protesting on the streets is a fundamental human right, and people from the western part of the the country are very much aware of that. That is the only way to have a government “render accountability” to the people and such a right will not be taken away no matter what.




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